New Screenshots!

Gates of Horn and Ivory is still under development but here are some screenshots for you!

The screenshots show our brand new homemade minimap system. Also new ground textures and some improved visual effects are visible. There is still a lot to do, though.

Please keep in mind that these screenshots do not represent the final product.

We recently changed to using Ferr2D instead of our own GroundPolygon script. The greatest benefits of the change are improved ground splines, ground fill textures and easier editing. However, Ferr2D uses a fairly different collision system than ours so we had to do some manual conversion by hand. We also created scripts to automatically convert our GroundPolygons into Ferr2D terrain objects.

SFSS (2D lighting system) is still a bit buggy with our Ferr2D implementation but we will figure it out. Also the player animation system will require some changes since the animator states change too sensitively.

Here is also something puzzling from our Unity Scene view:

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