Autumn Falls Gamejam!

Hello fellow developers and artists!

We want to invite you to our very first gamejam where we try to develop our skills as game developers and artists. We’re a small indie company making our very first game, and we want to build a community online, and not just any community, but a community of likeminded developers. No titles, just games.

Autumn Falls Gamejam will be hosted by Please Be Patient team
starting at 22.9.2017 17:00 and
ending at 24.9.2017 20:00 (CET+1).

Why would you want to join our gamejam?

To make a small game during the next weekend
Partner up, create contacts with other developers and artists alike, on these forums
To learn
To create a community, or to be part of the creation of a community

We have the bones, and if all goes well, we will keep on hosting gamejam sessions in the future. Now we need you, to be our meat around the bones.

There’s a bunch of themes to choose from. We will in the end (on our behalf) choose three by random selection, but you can take whatever you want. Or go with our announced themes. Whatever. The main point is that you participate in the gamejam and learn something from it.

Themes are the following:

1. A human sacrifice goes awry
2. What made you think that was a good idea?
3. Shark!
4. Picking a fight with someone way bigger
5. Freefall
6. One hp is enough to pull the trigger
7. Small world
8. Social instability
9. Well that was a dumb idea
10. World is an hourglass
11. The wizard must be stopped
12. Sickness for Thickness

We warmly welcome you to attend our jam here:
Even if you don’t have a team, you just might find yourself friends there!

Our new soon to be team member, audio designer Kim is hosting a stream whenever he is working during the gamejam:
So if you don’t feel like attending, you can come check him out learning stuff.

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