We got Greenlit on Steam!

Happy news day!

Today, Valve decided to retire Steam Greenlight. They also decided that we are good to go and we are now a Steamworks Partner! This is of course great news for us and we want to thank you all who upvoted us during the Greenlight period!

The project is going forward. We still have some level and graphics design to do until we are finished with the actual content. After that, we will be polishing and playtesting everything until we (and the testers) are happy with the results. Probably more story elements will be added during the polishing in order to make the whole experience congruent. Also, we might have a chance to get some professional audio work & voice acting done for the game!

PS: I started to integrate Steamworks API to the game today. Facepunch.Steamworks seems quite handy!

Jeri Haapavuo

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