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We are two students from Finland who have enjoyed games since day one. In September 2016 we started our very first project, called Gates of Horn and Ivory. In March 2017 we founded our company Please Be Patient Ltd.

The game is a psychologic 2D puzzle platformer that offers you one possible theory of our world – of our existence. Have you ever been thinking what happens after death? Or where does the space end? Can you go outside of that “space”? Is there really just 3 dimensions? Should time be considered as the fourth dimension? How does time affect space?

Older screenshot from 2016

These are the questions we think about every day… And we think that we have some interesting, mind-bending answers to them. Gates of Horn and Ivory will open those questions, and provide you with something to ponder. We think it is a really fascinating mind game to turn over the whole worldview and think aloud: “What if…?”.

We will soon post more information about our development methods and progress. Since we live about 300 kilometers far away from each other, we need to have good project management tools and harsh discipline. This is also something that we would like to blog about.

In the meantime, please subscribe to our email list on the front page to get notifications when we release any updates. Also, take a look at the following image of an asymmetrical torus. We think it summarizes really well what we are after…

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